2018 – Day 7 – 07/01/2018

The weekend is over

The Workout


  • 60 minutes 11 seconds
  • 8.12kms
  • 1045 calories
  • Level 10 incline at 8.1km/hr

The Rest

Similar thing happened to me yesterday that after my cardio while at home I did not feel well at all, except today I was sick. Not fun. Think the combo of exertion and heat are to blame. Had Indian tonight as a change and a true cheat. Felt like I needed something substantial to end the weekend and start the week off with after being sick. This won’t be a habit though.

The Diet

L-Carnitine (2 tablespoons)

Long Black

ISO-100 Protein Shake w/ 1/2 cup of oats


Chilli Chicken – Indian

Saag Paneer – Indian

The Stats


4 thoughts on “2018 – Day 7 – 07/01/2018

    1. I want to get back to where I was 6 months ago bodywise. I like to have myself lean and athletic, while also eating right. I want to this time around try to work on moderation to dieting, as I find I tend to go all in or all out and don’t allow myself to actually enjoy things. I am also much happier when I am in shape.

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      1. That’s awesome man, if you look I for a way to eat foods you like while staying on track I would suggest reading my post “dieting 101” and then following a flexible diet by counting your macros. To find out what you need to eat calorie wise read my other post “how to calculate your BRM” and then you should have everything you need to get started. Other with I have written another post “the secret to staying lean all year round” which is talks about another effective way of staying on track while being more flexible with what you eat, and that technique is call intermittent fasting. I hope this helps and if you want to chat more just email me (email address is on my contact us page”

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