Day 3 – 14/01/2015

Day 3 – 14/01/2015

Training Focus

Exercises – 45 Minutes
a. Assisted Pull Ups – 16 / 10 / 8
a. CrossFit Situps – 60 seconds
b. DB Row – 12 / 12 / 12
b. Prone Hold Get Ups – 30 seconds each side
c. Lying Barbell Row – 12 / 12 / 8
c. Side Plank Pulse – 30 seconds each side
d. Bicep Curls (EZ bar) – 12 / 10 / 8
d. Hammer Curls (DB) – 10 / 10 / 10
d. Mountain Climbers – 45 seconds

The structure of the session involved supersets, with each letter representing a respective superset, and ideally minimal rest in between each set.

My food and timing of meals for this first week will take some getting used to. I know what I should be eating, how I should be eating and when I should be eating but I just have to work it back into my life. I am hoping that by next week I will be diarising my meals and timings.

Bit of shoulder pain with the movement of the pull ups and referred pain. By the time I got to the bicep superset I was pretty worn out so felt like I can only improve from here. The physio session this afternoon focussed on my shoulder with massage and a few exercises. Please feel free to comment with your experiences, exercise and nutrition advise, links to articles etc.

Cheers for reading and I hope you are achieving your dreams,


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